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Vestwood Inverter 6kW 48V

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Max. Efficiency (PV to AC) 97.3%
Max. Efficiency (BAT to AC) 94.0%


Max. PV Power 9000W
Max. Input Current (Input A/Input B) 15A / 15A
Max. Short Current (Input A/Input B) 90A / 90A
MPPT Voltage Range 70V~520V
No. of MPPT Trackers 2
String Per MPP Tracker 1
Battery Voltage Range 40V~64V
Nominal AC Output Power 6000W
Max. AC Output Current 27.2A
Nominal AC Voltage 230V
AC Voltage Range 150V~300V(Adjustable)
Nominal Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz/55Hz~65Hz(Adjustable)
THDI <3%(Nominal Power)
Max. Operation Altitude 4000m
Noise Emission <35dB
Cooling Concept Natural Cooling
Dimensions(W*H*D) 515*485*175mm
Weight 25Kg
Display LED+APP


BMS (CAN/RS485), Optional:











DI (DRM/RCR) / Meter (RS485),

1*DO, USB (Firmware upgrade)VDE- AR-N4105, IEC 61727/62116, AS 4777.2, EN 50549-1, C10/11, G99, CEI 0-21, NRS 097-2-1,RD 1699/661/413, NTS & IEC62109-

1&2, IEC62040-1, IEC62477-1


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